Born on 9th December 1988, Stefano is an athlete defined as “trailer”. The trail running is a specialty of running and his activity is outdoor, in nature (usually on pathways) no matter if on the mountains, in deserts, woods, hills or flat land and the asphalted roads mustn’t exceed the 20% total of the race.

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Riccardo Locatelli - Surf | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Riccardo (21/9/1993) is another guy that I train since he is very young; he always played tennis but also highlight predisposition for board sports – snowboard and skateboard.

One summer he goes to Fuerteventura for a holiday where he tries surf and falls in love with it.
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Marco Milano - Sci | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Marco is a guy born in 1996, in the last 5 years he almost didn’t practice with the exception for his big passion: skiing. Since he was very young, he spends with his family the winter holidays and the most weekend possible in the mountains. Instead at home, till few months ago, he didn’t find a real motivation for other kind of sport.
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Beatrice Dallera - Mezzofondista | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Track and field middle-distance specialist born the 4th of February 1995; in autumn 2012 his coach Alberto Colli suggested to Beatrice to start a postural and strengthen program to optimize her way of running since, in the final part of the competitions, she uses her trunk with no efficiency.

In my first workout with her, while testing, I see that Beatrice needs an intensive workout on core and posture (overall in the scapular crawler) and that she has important limits in dorsiflexion with her ankles. This limitation penalizes her in maintaining a good position of the trunk during running, overall in condition of maximum effort.

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Pallacanestro Femminile Broni (Pavia) | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer


I have been the strength and conditioning trainer of the female basketball Team of Broni (A2 league) for two seasons.

Beautiful and very intensive experience that made me grow a lot and relate with the dynamics of a team. Managing a group of players with different physical abilities, technical, psychological and of role is a very big work!

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Filippo Baldi - Tennis | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


I trained Filippo (born the 10th of January 1996) from 2009 to 2011, as a personal trainer 5 times per week. It was a period of big satisfactions about experiences, improvements and results.

During those months he climbed the European ranking under 14 till the 3rd place in 2010; in the same year he reached the 2nd place in the under 14 Davis Cup (with Gianluigi Quinzi) and the 2nd place at the European Single Championship in Czech Republic. While working together he collected one title under 13 and 2 under 14 in singles and 2 under 14 in doubles for a total of 5 Italian Championship win.

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