Filippo Baldi - Tennis | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia

I trained Filippo (born the 10th of January 1996) from 2009 to 2011, as a personal trainer 5 times per week. It was a period of big satisfactions about experiences, improvements and results.

During those months he climbed the European ranking under 14 till the 3rd place in 2010; in the same year he reached the 2nd place in the under 14 Davis Cup (with Gianluigi Quinzi) and the 2nd place at the European Single Championship in Czech Republic. While working together he collected one title under 13 and 2 under 14 in singles and 2 under 14 in doubles for a total of 5 Italian Championship win.

We trained with huge dedication, respect and also fun. A hard worker like Filippo inspired me in consolidating and evolving a lot my method, by choosing many exercitations with agonistic goals (with points for example, to stimulate a boy of his age) and other about posture and stability, for making him grow at best and minimizing the risk of injuries, due to his impressive number of tournaments and trips in every season.

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