Since January 2020 I gladly started a partnership with Riccardo Bonadio, professional tennis player now 400th in the ATP ranking. This is a very fulfill and rich project, Riccardo is a very strong and dedicated guy and I hope to improve even more his great skills, in collaboration with the coach Mattia Livraghi, to help his progress in the worldwide ranking.


The club Motonautica Pavia is a second home to me, I started to work there since I was still studying at University; the way we (myself and tennis coaches) built the tennis department is very successful, overall considering that the city is a small one. But it’s not only about numbers but the everyday efforts and working method that brought the club in the years to have the main agonistic team from the 5th category to the A1! Actually more than that team (competing in A2) mainly made up of players growth in the club, there are teams in 4rd category (male and female) and many juniors.
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Giulio Mascherpa - Pallacanestro | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


I wish any trainer can have the chance to grow up a boy step by step, from the teenage (you can see the picture below) to the top of his career. It happened to me different times with tennis players and with Giulio Mascherpa, who started training with me during the period he run two sports (basketball and tennis). When he decided to dedicate only in basketball, his family had the intuition to contact me for a personal training, with the goal to build an athletic shape that wasn’t his strength point at the time!
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Since the season 2018/2019, I am the Strength and Conditioning Coach of Omnia Basket Pavia, a basketball team of the Italian Serie B. A new adventure that every year fascinates me and also makes me feel honored, because I received a call from the first team of my city. … Read More

Carolina Colli - Basket | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Carolina (6/2/2001) is a basketball player who left the team of her hometown to join Baskettiamo Vittuone in 2015/2016, a top junior club close to Milan and 1 hour far from Pavia. The sacrifice of going 5 times per week there is paid back with very good placements with her team in the past years; she is in the National Junior Teams since she is under 14. She is 183 centimeters tall and I train her since December 2016, with the goal to coordinate and stabilize her body, growth by many centimeters in the last year, and to start a strength program which can prepare her to be ready for a more and more physical basketball that will find season after season.
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Silvia Greco - Spadista | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Silvia, épée fencer born on the 2nd of October in 2000, is at her fourth year of fencing but she is already building good experiences; from last year she is in the national selection Azzurrini she is challenging in national and international competitions.

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