I like this moto very much, it describes exactly the way I like to approach the persons that I train – either teams or athletes of high level, persons who want to solve their physical issues or just young persons or adults.

All young persons with passion for one sport particularly, have a dream; it’s natural that often however they are not sure how to arrange and reach their goal efficiently.

Some weeks ago I participated at the event by the recent champion in swimming Massimiliano Rosolini. During his presentation, he often mentioned that “at the age of 12 I already knew that my goal was to participate in the Olympics”. There are few persons so young who already have clear idea of the future goals, and I am sure that everyone who dreams of Olympics must have the right people around or the right environment to reach that dream. “Appetite comes with eating”…  

I would like to underline that if a young athlete is feeling important, he is in the right direction to reach the goal in sport, and improvements can be stunning.

My best daily stories in sport are related to the guys and girls whom I am lucky to train since their first years of activities. In the tennis environment where I work, we introduce physical training at 5/6 years age and it is really great to see them at the age of 12/13 ready for the competitive sport world, with all coordinating and postural goals reached by following the right steps.

For me it’s very inspiring to work with guys and girls who are involved in other types of sport and apart from being already trained in their team society, have a wish to have a program worked out individually. Individually you can work on the details that training in team can’t ensure. This can change the career of the individual!

Therefore, Hurray the dreams and the passion for them!