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I am an on court professional and I would never have considered online training before finding myself facing the new ways of working that the COVID19 emergency forced us to.

During the weeks spent in quarantine, however, I discovered how you can look beyond the daily routine and make a difference for yourself and others.

Having to adapt to follow my athletes, I understood and experienced that, while keeping my method and "belief" of work intact, there is a way that allows me to continue to improve and motivate my athletes, even without seeing each day in the gym.
Personalized training program
We will work together to develop a personalized and tailor-made project that will allow you to train anywhere (even from abroad). We will follow a clear, progressive and individual working method that will focus on you as an athlete, with your characteristics and your sporting goals.

Ideal for achieving a decisive improvement in your sport.
Maximize your athleticism
In order to keep your athletic skills grow and complete your motor abilities, I will take care of creating personalized exercises that will lead you to a progressive and constant evolution. I will monitor your improvements (with weekly or monthly checks).

Dedicated to those who want to undertake a 360° growth path.
A professional trainer for sport clubs
In the role of Professional Physical Trainer, I will take care of optimizing technical training. I will do it including very important motor stimuli in the warm-up and post-workout. These will accompany the growth of the players with special consideration to health promotion and performance improvement.

Designed for sports clubs without a fixed physical trainer inside.

Alessio and I started a journey together years ago when I used to practice competitive cross-country skiing. This journey continued even when working reasons brought me to move.

Even during the lockdown, when training with constancy seemed an impossible mission, he managed with his professionalism and creativity to infuse me with the right charge;
demonstration of the fact that you don't need a gym to train properly, you simply need a great coach!
Beatrice Dallera, Digital Project Manager at PayDo S.p.A
I will always thank Alessio for the improvements obtained in the last few months.

Thanks to his training programs and VideoChat, he has always managed to reach and improve my goals to help me become the player I am and will be in the future.
Riccardo Gallinella, Tennis instructor and ranking player 2.6
I am a basketball player of the Norwegian First League and I have gotten many advice and support from Alessio to improve my game on his online Program.

He is truly the real deal, and gets the absolute best out of you, and helps you In succeeding to reaching all of your goals.

I’m definitely gonna continue working with him further on his online program!
Samuel Amed Diomande, Basketball Player
As a swordsman I worked with Alessio for three years.

This year I moved to another city to attend the University, but we managed to carry on the work done, digitally, with excellent results!
Silvia Greco, Student
I was looking for a coach who would follow me for my passion, surfing.
In Alessio I found a very curious coach, extremely precise in explanations and exercises and with a desire to bring the sportsman to always improve and believe in himself.

In recent months we have built several functional training sessions for my sport that have allowed me to improve.
Simone Lolla, Human Resources

What we ca do together

  • A first chat to get to know each other and better understand your goals.
  • An in-person meeting (when possible) to better set up the work.
  • The creation of a personalized training program.
  • The periodic review of the improvements.
  • Discuss your doubts and curiosities.
  • PRO

    Ideal for young athletes, as a constant support in the growth process and to get the most out of their physique and mentality.
  • Postural and mobility assessment (possibly live, alternatively via skype)
  • 2 one-to-one workouts per week with maximum attention to details and motivation for the athlete
  • Weekly program of other 2/3 customized autonomous sessions with constant evolutions and updates.

    For those who are already trained in sport but are not satisfied and want to improve precise aspects of their body, from performance to health.
  • Postural and mobility assessment (possibly live, alternatively via skype)
  • Monthly program of 2/3 weekly sessions focused on the goal to be achieved (e.g. strength, elevation, re-athletics, injury prevention)
  • A monthly appointment to renew the program, with live session (or video via Skype) to check the work done and outline the new goals.

    The perfect solution for companies that do not have a physical trainer inside, but want to guarantee the highest quality service to their teams.
  • Live team performance evaluation, with a battery of reliable and repeatable simple tests
  • Monthly training warm-up program and post-workout physical work (based on age and team level) in synergy with the coach.
  • A monthly program renewal appointment, with live session to check the work done and outline the new goals with the coach.
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