During the last four years I experienced an unbelievable process with Marco, a ski instructor of the 1996 who, in the name of love for the Dolomites, has asked a lot to his body and his commitment. Few years ago a puny and reserved guy, thanking a flash of inspiration, convinced himself to try let his passion become a profession; but for this goal he knew he had to train and focus with absolute determination. Now, after four years, countless hours of training and not few obstacles to overcome (to get into a Ski Academy is a very hard selection in Italy) Marco can share his fire and teach this wonderful sport to his pupils…with a top physical condition!

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Success is a choice. I start from this sentence, the title of the last book that Roberto Iezzi has read (Instagram, sometimes, is better than a detective). The author of the text is coach Rick Pitino, an American basketball legend, who in the last two years has also landed in Europe to sit on the prestigious bench of Panathinaikos Athens.

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Tommaso Vaccina | Alessio Firullo Personal trainer Pavia


Long distance athlete, from Pavia, born the 5th of April 1980.

The chapter of my web site called “Close and far stories” couldn’t start different than the story of a guy that I appreciate a lot…and that grew up in my same street!!! To me he is a real example of passion, dedication and purity about sport, Tommaso brings a story to tell because it can be font of inspiration for every boy and girl. Mountain Run World Champion in Zermatt (Switzerland) in July 2015, he gives us very interesting thoughts and perspectives.

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