The club Motonautica Pavia is a second home to me, I started to work there since I was still studying at University; the way we (myself and tennis coaches) built the tennis department is very successful, overall considering that the city is a small one. But it’s not only about numbers but the everyday efforts and working method that brought the club in the years to have the main agonistic team from the 5th category to the A1! Actually more than that team (competing in A2) mainly made up of players growth in the club, there are teams in 4rd category (male and female) and many juniors.

The agonistic department counts about 30 players between male and female and 100 kids of the tennis school, some of them ready to step into agonistic activity.

The physical conditioning in tennis is very specific because technic is essential in this sport (also considering the moves and the kinetic chains) so the athletic workout in the gym and on court must mind it, from my point of you. The more the athlete grows and consolidates his game the more going into specific skills is required, in the way to exalt his tactics and way of playing. In junior level, instead, goals are many and I have the chance to propose to pupils very dynamic and variegate exercises, to develop the ocular-manual coordination, the ability of anticipation and peripheral vision.

During the evaluative age, in some cases even since the first years, it’s essential to approach and progressively build a postural protocol that considers the solicitations of the body of a tennis player; these solicitations will be every year stronger, a preventive workout will care about both body integrity and will prepare the athlete to maximize the performance.


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