This video of Carolina has a different meaning than the other exercises you can find in my website.

If what we see in a match is only the final part of the iceberg of a dedicated and hard work that young athletes face, what happens during an injury period is even more hidden, invisible.

At the beginning of November Carolina got an an injury during a basketball match that involved her hand. She had an operation with a prognosis of two months out.

During this period, after she completed the initial phase of absolute rest and post surgery physiotherapy, we started right with a training program focused on two goals: maintaining an optimal physical condition in the way she will be able to come back on court, once clinical time is terminated, and be immediately ready to compete and work on all the skills she still can improve a lot.

For this reason I see this injury period not a simple pause between the last match and the next one, but a very precious time for working hard, with constancy  and focus on the personal detail. That is not so easy to get during a highly intensive and long competitive season.

What you are gonna see in this video is a sequence not only of functional exercises for basketball, but essential for her physical evolution.

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