Plyometrics is a very important way to improve the explosive power and the reactivity of the lower body, for this reason it is very useful in a discipline like skiing. As you can notice in the video, the main charcteristic of the plyometrics is the alternance of a landing phase (eccentric) and of a jumping phase (concentric); in this case, there are two eccentric phases  and two concentric that means the exercise is focussed on power (height of the first bench 40 cm, then 80 cm and the final one is 50 cm).  There can be many variables, the trainer has to decide which way to use in relation to the athlete he has in front and which are the partial and the final goals he wants to reach.

This kind of workout requires a strong and stable body, it is wrong to present such exercises to kids or not fit people since they don’t have muscles, joints and the structure to afford such an effort.

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