In this video, very well edited by an athlete of mine, you can find different inspirations of tennis-specific exercises with the chance to do them at home during this period of forced off season. Free weight, crates of water as overload, tennis racket, balls and a lot of footwork, to maintain the physical levels got during the previous months and to hold the mental focus on restart of the competitive season.

The serious pandemic period that overwhelmed us from the end of February (in Italy) influenced our lives. Nowadays sport is part of the weekly routine of many people, for agonist players of course even more. Boys and girls used to intensively train everyday to be at their best for competing, giving meaning to their passion. As often can happen, the difficult moments create surprising adaptations; the agonist section of Motonautica Pavia I train since many years, is an environment rich of enthusiasm and abnegation, I know well, and I sent since the first day of quarantine programs and schedules to keep forward the work previous made. But it is amazing the energy they put in every single workout, trying to do their best at home (or in a garden the lucky ones) with very low equipment. For a competitive athlete wellness is not the first goal, instead of common sporty people; right now, for example, there is not a date in which we know when the tournaments and teams season will start; but this video represents what happens everyday in their houses since 6 weeks. Proud of all of you, soon you will be back to enjoy your passion…and you will not feel effort for sure!

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